Meditation and Delivery

Every instance of identity serves all the others

  • Take Orders

  • Apply Code

  • Test and Evaluate

  • Adapt Sequences

We continue to develop challenging projects because we value good intentions.

People Teaching Spiritual Survival Skills

But, we may not be able to participate in the commons when we're working to establish new points of view.

  • Web Development Helps Us To:
  • Improve our ability to understand.
  • Stay connected to others.
  • Value and respect diversity.
  • And, to add to the population online.
  • (Without others, our knowledge is incomplete!)

No matter which way point of view tends, we're all entitled to our own.

Using an effect such as dimming the lights in an Opera House before the show begins, or presenting a combination of elements the viewer can control allows the viewer to understand something based upon the interactive choices he or she made. Understandings that cannot be accomplished by an author-controlled, author-driven presentation.

One example of an: Audience Driven Presentation

More About Us

IMID IT, Medical Sector Identity TechnologyIMID Ltd, and The Trusteeship IMID, are the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996 called The Media Development Group.

IMID provides Marketing and Consultation for Web Design and Web Development. A fully self-reliant Web Development Company carefully employed with over 20 years of experience, brings you persistent, and verifiable for you and your business.

Ultimately, IMID  answers the question: "Who do you say I am?" Various agencies, and professions have codified Identity, and the Freedom of Information Act  brought transparency to systems that do, but the work we were given by God - to name the creations is continually being challenged by those who've been named. We support the opportunity to respond.

During moments of arrogance, it becomes reputation management, but we hope to become the very best God intends for us to be regardless of what others may believe, and sometimes that requires strenuous use of language.

We need to know what others believe well enough to compose, but when assumptions about our platform prevent us from fully realizing our potential, or manifesting what we're all capable of, then what began as a selfish opportunity becomes a visceral endeavor so demanding that we're tempted to call out a curse to be rid of death itself.

So we followed tools and compositions provided by people like Marc Cantor, and Laurie Anderson who helped us to articulate challenging subjects to heal, rather than confront historians, and were able to reach places we left behind by making peace, rather than war.