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We develop challenging projects because we value good intentions.

Web Development Helps Us!

  • Improve the ability to see.
  • Stay connected to each other.
  • Value and respect diversity.
  • Increase our numbers online.

Without the participation of others, our knowledge would be incomplete; an Audience Driven Presentation

No matter which way point of view tends, we're all entitled to our own.

Using an effect such as dimming the lights in an Opera House before the show begins, or presenting a combination of events that the viewer can control allows us to understand something based on the choices we make rather than being shown, or told what to think. Interactive media provides us a framework within which we can think that cannot be accomplished by an author-controlled, author-driven presentation.

Time saver

Use your template to develop your content and achieve your goals.


Call for a free one-hour free consultation to identify the things you need help with.


Do everything you can and leave the unresolved problems to us.


Present everything you need to reach to your people in a useful way.


Meet the expectations of your guests by getting to know your traffic.


Focus your site, content and materials for a safe and reliable response online.

The Trusteeship (IMID Ltd)

The Trusteeship (IMID Ltd), is the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996 called, The Media Development Group.

IMID Ltd, the Grantor of the Trust that began with The Media Development Group, was founded in Minneapolis Minnesota during 2001 as, Web Dissemination and later as Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., or IMID, asks the question: "Who do you say I am?"

And The Trusteeship (IMID), Copyright (c) 2016-2023, is a holding company for the liquidated assets granted by IMID Limited, IMID Limited LLC, or IMID Ltd, Copyright (c) 2012-2016, which was also known as IMID Inc, or Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., Copyright (c) 2001-2012 was a subchapter s corporation with 1000 shares. All Rights Reserved.

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