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Website design, archetype development, and content management strategies that naturally empower you and your products, and network architecture for ongoing development of you and your brand across all machine based platforms and social networks. Complete compliance with web standards and practices capable of reaching obscure markets in difficult environments based upon universal high-speed applications of interactive multimedia information dissemination.


Reaching the global marketplace with original material and meaningful content to illustrate how different subjects, normally foreign to each other, function when forced to face one another in the same space. The Trusteeship, by creative use of content is presenting multiple subjects within each of it's domains by subtle use of means normally found in different locations, such as corporate colors and logos capable of international appeal. Please see: Promat Inc, The Trusteeship IMID, People Teaching Spiritual Survival Skills, or IMID Ltd for examples of my work.


Developing, maintaining, and marketing web sites for corporations and individuals by creating archetypes, generating rhetorical content, and applying graphic design skills, multimedia presentations and interactive designs to deliver missions with Javascript, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, and PHP while hosting websites on UNIX operating systems, developing mail servers, SEO and W3C standards to help the sites reach their target markets.

Media Development Group:

Established five member non-profit publications firm in Berkeley, California (1994 - 1998) to meet the publishing needs of a group of 5 not-for-profit organizations. Organized the publication of works written, designed, and edited by the organization's members themselves. Developed and published newsletters, brochures, training manuals, conference literature and web sites for the NGO's.


Grant writing for a cooperative of developers and clients. Provided training for multimedia production and Board Leadership. Improved the efficiency of developing publications, increased the speed of content delivery, and decreased cost of content development. Improved the ability of our organizations to present diverse content. Began with 5 organizations, ended with 13.


Physiology major: University of Minnesota BA – 1991, Multimedia Studies Program SFSU 1994 – 1998, and The Center for NonProfit Management 1996 – 1998

Additional Skills:

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