Dealing with Hackers, Harassment and Intimidation

Are we remembering our imagination?

If a friend is trying to help you with an incident you're suffering with, he might ask you: "Can you see it now?" And when you reply that you can, he might say to you: "Well it's not happening now - I don't see anything of the kind!" You might be embarrassed by that fact. So, when he asks you again, and you say no - he might say: "Well if you can't imagine it now, how can you be sure that it really happened?"

What he's done for you is to question the reality of what you saw to recast it as a memory - a memory of your imagination perhaps, but one that can be kept without troubling you. We've found that we're in good company working with others on similar problems, like the good people at Cern. We're working with what we know, and investigating to find out more.

Big Brother isn't always at work in our society anymore, but we've been through periods of time when our beliefs have been challenged for good reason. If we don't listen to what others have to say about us, we won't know what our mistakes were, or how to address them, and an afterlife would only be wishful thinking.

Knowing what others think has helped me to better understand them and myself, but I can only work with what I know to be true until proven otherwise, and I defer what I do not know until I can determine it for myself because I've found, I can only be certain of what I know to be true for myself.

Wouldn't it be better to fail evaluation than to do endless evaluations?

A problem that would normally take hours to identify if working with doubt about the structure I'm operating within can be identified conclusively as an instance of censorship right away without. So, when we think we have a case to make about the inhumanity we suffer, we have to admit that we believe it's true because we've recognized the behavior in ourselves.

We've restrained ourselves from the need to demonstrate how harmful it is by being clear about our own limitations, but a blind spot ( or reference to one) may compel us to recapture the time we lost  in order to regain a better understanding of the motivation for the obscurity we confronted to begin with. Originally, the medium of recreation we used was considered offensive, but we had to prove we were offended, and there was no other way to do so.

Tower KnightWe've been asked to examine our own behavior because we can't fully appreciate what others are doing or why. When we engage in blame, we create an opportunity for others to prove it. Even while working to resolve problems we recognize in ourselves, we tend to point to the manifestation of them in others, so unless we've had some success in their resolution, we'll be of little use to those who suffer with a similar fate. Please see: Self Examination.