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Lockup of Another Kind

My first objection to all of this was: "How can you do this to children?" I encountered the reply in a lockup I was recruited to enlighten with my own particular adaptation where one client seemed to have his own theater. I don't remember the meeting in that space well enough to reproduce it here, but the inmates I met later referred to the primary problem at their institution as the Court Yard.

My memory only proceeds as far as the entryway to his meeting place. Fortunately, I was in the company of the advocate who I was replacing because after seeing his fingernails above the table I don't remember a thing. Without her I might not have made it out at all!  They were clearly human hands, but with points so sharp and skin such a deathly grey that I stopped evaluating completely until navigating the exit with her, my predecessor.

Cut Cord

Little did I realize how serious this coupe was at the time. Pulling on this thread led to disasters yet to come and consequences that defined the rest of my life. Unfortunately we don't enjoy 2020 hindsight while on this journey through life, so I'm sharing what I learned with you so you'll survive the journey without suffering too much damage. I didn't see it coming because I didn't know what I had done wrong at the time.

I guess I'd call it the coming of the Lord today. There might be others who'd call it a 'velvet needle', but I already had some familiarity with that problem. I justified it by calling out the kiddy surgeon that preceded me. When under the spell of those who are familiar with the practice the full impact of a sardonic message isn't comprehended until the bearer is safely away.

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