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Local Ramifications of Recent Work

We must do all we can to tend to the assets of our Trust, regaining the confidence of the public and ensure the safety of our managing venturers by preserving the opportunity to bring the truth to bear.

Recent Work 2022

The Trust was developed to protect us precisely because ventures like ours are dangerous, so our property belongs to the Trust. Abiding and tending to our work as stewards wherever our confidence in the opportunity is assured.

Because much of my income was lost while making transition to this private venture, and an investor was obstructed by a lack of trust, I found it difficult to pay anyone at all. I re-established the Trusteeship domains as Government Projects, and ww will continue to develop safer ways to deploy them (In this case, without the need for licensed web publications technology. By redefining the Trust as a Government project, we may legitimately access funding to support the case I've already made; we need to be paid to report well.

I also realized that after working with drunks for many years, that we don't always remember what mistakes we've made to break our lives, and that we may need a little guidance to find out where to start. Most of us know what we're doing now, but it's incidents from a poorly remembered past that really haunted us.

For example, I didn't realize is that girls sometimes enjoy the attention of men, so I returned to address a concern my daughter shared with me (I was living out of State with my adopted family from South East Asia). We encountered a similar problem with others as well, while playing Naked City with a family accross the alley (Someone offended a young girl I was fond of by taking pictures of her in a Gas Station bathroom).

I checked out the scene briefly on a day trip to the old neighborhood and found another place nearby that could use a website. This might seem like a ridiculous problem to work on at this time, but I haven’t been able to re-establish communication with my own children, and am still dealing with harassment in my own home. Besides, I was told not to give up by the Police! In order to root out rationalizations and suspicions of those who might be behind these forms of obstruction, I believe it best to continue to work on the problem of obtaining and using proof.

I was able to turn the camera back upon myself with the help of professionals in the Bay Area, but have yet to find out anything about her offender himself, and trying to apprehend people like him proves to be particularly difficult. When I was offended, I couldn't remember what happened next. Fortunately, even before I contemplated problems like these, we were taught by the good people of the First Nation that our image is our own to portray; that if you want to ‘take’ an image from someone, you first must ask for permission.

And another fellow like me had nothing left but a box of pictures and his pilot's license when he departed. Returning to the fort in the vacant lot we built made sense to me. We don't know if he took the pictures while she was in the Gas Station bathroom, or if he shooting from across the vacant lot into the privacy of her home. Simple clarifications like this might make a big difference. Naturally, I've also considered the possibility that she might've been referring to Pin-ups that were in the Gas Station at that time out of a misplaced envy of her own; to be clear it would help to know.

And I've postulated at my log that the changes we're making now may provide a less traumatic way for us all to control our own libidos. Experiments on cats to assist with sleep deprivation, and later monkeys to map the visual cortex helped us to better understand our capacity to see. The fact that we don’t always percieve adequately doesn't mean that we haven't been working on better ways to apprehend the threats we live with, but to focus on an object, or a scene exclusively, may distract us from other priorities that may required our outside our field of view and this medium has really helped to achieve that goal.

Beginning in the 1920's with the pioneering work of Rudolph Hess, the control of cognition and our state of mind has been more carefully documented than ever before. And at the bottom of the page, you'll find just one example of what we believe may be a better alternative to the invasive treatments that we began with called ASMR, or what is commonly known as the Tingling sensation.

As a boy I thought the cat who I followed down the avenue was being persecuted for leading me astray when my uncle gathered up the strays to conduct what I thought were horrible experiments at the University. With implants in their brains, they were helpless in the cages he tended to. Please see also: ASMR Contraindications

By pretending to crack an egg on my Step Father's head and tracing where the runny egg whites would go he may have gained a better understanding of what we were up to. Perhaps the display in Redwood County was his way of illustrating how to control one's libido, but tingling worked for me. My depiction of his power to correct was a drunken mockery motivated by hate and envy. At the ripe old age of 10, I was just realizing what had happened to parts of my body, and it seemed most cruel to take any measure from us.

What we really need to do with that box full of pictures is to help them to regain control of their own image, their lives, and their reputations. Not by troubling anyone else in the process, but by doing all we can to rule out the obstruction of those who sometimes use misrepresentations to find out who's been offended and why.

I realized when the police wouldn't use or provide the evidence I gathered that they must've kept it private to obtain more. It’s clear to me that the Natives intended no harm, so I got angry when obstructions resulted in a skewed perspective of my claim to further accusations of incompetence or insanity.

The perspective I gained by studying the problem in another State isn't used here because the behavior isn't acknowledged at home at all; what I shared was rarely, if ever understood, but out west, I was advised to capture the reaction shot to become clear about what I missed because I was unreliable when approached by an offender and in order to recover, I needed to know what happened to determine what I might do to avoid it, and in our industry we used cameras to focus on the behavior. By law, laying blame isn't possible while remaining anonymous, so in order to find out what I couldn't remember I had to reproduce the circumstances by recruiting a study to capture the reaction rather than focus on the offense and what I realized that was missing from my response was the curse that's uttered by those who envy the power to create. My bubble headed bleach blonde approach wasn't working.

I was already under attack for trying to determine the magnitude of the threat we faced by the new man of the house when choked for laughing while tickled on the neck. We reported to the healthcare system and they were implicated because my discoveries included the injuries caused by the questionable practice of circumsicion. I may have been prevented from the opportunity to prosecute the case in order to protect their own practice, and years of rigorous work was required of me just to become clear about what I know to be true.

Efforts to call me out on the occasion of a birthday party happened to take place on the Anniversary of Kristallnacht, so there might be some who view me as a nit-picking CSS fanatic, but a claim that resulted from that encounter really required proof, just like my neighbor across the alley, which was a problem I was already familiar with. Unfortunately, in our location, acknowledgement of the circumstances wasn't welcome so we were confronted with the power to destroy on the way home from my first effort to prove that the power to create is God given and therefor good, neither be used lightly, or selfishly nor to be despised and loathed".

Rather than challenge claims made about the current circumstance, I've simply pointed to the fact that the power to create may actually be achieved by the technology we've developed, even by those who still suffer with offensives. And, it may be difficult to live with reports on the subject because the Internet recreates the problem wherever necessary as a result, but we're all learning to adapt, so I hope it's been useful to have had one example of a transitional approach - like me, and new witnesses who have the opportunity to work with new technology.


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