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My Apologies to you

Sherwood TreeBy Dadulinka - Own work. I realized after writing yesterday, that it wasn't fair of me to exclude you from our group. For a period of time, however briefly, you have also worked with us and in one case, a client with a tree trimming company by the name of Sherwood Trees had the living moniker of the real thing on his website. Though I thought it was fitting, and he paid me well, I didn't really have the right to redistribute the image. Like my first logo, which wasn't really mine, even after paying a real artist to repaint it and tattoo it on my back, using it for myself was probably questionable use of his property.

So, unless cited, all the work published and redistributed now belongs to The Trusteeship. The websites, the text, and all the images used on them, all the domains and all related accounts that host and redistribute them belong to the Trust. The formality of this is not yet completed; it's a very difficult and time consuming task, but well worth the effort because any value removed from the totality of this endeavor compromises us all. If any one of us were to covet the project for ourselves, we would lose the value of the diversity the rest of us afford and the additional value we provide. There are so many people sincerely involved that it simply would not do for any one of us to obsess on possessing it all. The Internet is huge and we can always go somewhere else to have things our own way on our own.

I've been very careful to remove, or replace anything that was not formally obtained by the corporations that created it (I don't have the protection of the original corporations anymore). And the self-supporting income which paid dividends back to the public trust that provided for its formation is now gone. I tend to the entities that remain because the names and tax id numbers that fragmented and became ambiguous left the ownership of these materials - both mine and that of others to me - not only because they were abandoned, but also because the ownership is no longer solely established by their original form; they were also made web ready by use of the disciplines of this firm.

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for myself and others...

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When my hosting company began registering names in 1979, one of the consequences of this new feature of our landscape was the power to write across jurisdictional boundaries, not to obstruct justice and fuel dissent, but to avoid the kind of disruption to our lives caused by problems that were resolved with the Reese Decision. I do my level best to represent clients and entities as they claim to be and to refrain from the use of any claims that are not made. ICANN, founded in 1998 and a European Initiative, such as Article 13 may be used to challenge fair use of examples like the professors library, but I believe we've set a precedent by continuing to report genocide, and genocidal tactics far beyond the early effort that was used to prove it was true by way of photography and moving pictures.

My Inspiration for the Deed:

When I was being treated by my bodyworker, I caught a huge whiff of ether under my nose while lying on her table. And, because I was put under by ether many times as a child, I realized that a lot of things might’ve happened while I was under. But because I’ve always been a little suspicious of conclusions like these, I make sure to clearly recall just what led to the incident. This has happened many times in my case and the results have been very rewarding for me. In this case, I clearly remember choking on a penny while I was lying in bed, and being rushed to the hospital to have it removed.

I keep two Crypt accounts, and have been living with offending gas emissions in my apartment(s) for quite some time now. So, I decided to invest in Ethereum. A purchase of Platinum or some other precious metal to save, or to build a catalytic converter for my room might give me a chance to find out more about the Gas Fees I've been hearing about. I always believed exhaust in my room to be a personal offense based upon my own history, or lineage, so I wrote about previous efforts to deal with problems like these.

But because a russian investor from a similar background was interested in a form of Adaptive Medicine that I developed online (by referring to it as a Medical Sector IT), I thought I might continue to bring pressure to the injustice of the slow transactions we've suffered by pointing to another fact of our lives: The whole micro scale circuitry we’re working with is subject to the breakdown of gasses simply as a consequence of miniaturization. Please see an In-Silico compilation of these efforts here: Research Progress on Numerical Simulation of Gas Breakdown at Microscale

It makes sense to investigate the source of the Gas in my room anyway, even if it doesn’t include suspicions about the transfer of Crypto-currency, but I admit, it may not be simply the exchange rates that are offending. It is clear that we're being called out for more than our behavior with petroleum products at this point. And realizing that Buddhist Monks considered movement to be underpinning most of our offending behavior, I pray to minimize the consequences of my movements as well.


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