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IMID LtdIMID by invocation might represent any identity in any given location, much like X represents any number, or value when used as a variable in an equation, but we're quickly approaching an event horizon of comprehension. Soon, we may not be able to discern better from worse and it's possible that we could become victims of our own devices.

Unable to accept male or female, or find a location without coordinates, we appreciate the lucidity of machines while working to teach human understanding, or we'll be left behind.

The Value of this Service

For example: Desktop computers know where the mouse is on screen and the computer can anticipate what we’re doing by knowing where it is, but that's not true of fingers over the screen on a phone, tablet or pad. It's unrealistic for very young children to translate the 90 degree axis change as a mouse draws up and down when the hand moves forward and back, so to be more inclusive, we abandon additional features in favor of a more intuitive environment.

Unfortunately, those of us who reassembled the confusion that results from fear and avoidance were not able to clarify, or understand the obstruction without them, so we also work to preserve the ways by which we learn to adapt. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like help with this process.

Our Services

Consultation Fees

$ 30 per hour
Website Design Strategy
How to Development Content
Problem Solving
Bids (One-hour Free)
Market Research

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Junior Technician

$ 40 per hour
Template Design
Landing Page Composition
Restructuring HTML
Rewriting CSS
Loading JavaScript

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Senior Technician

$ 50 per hour
Writing JavaScript
Installing Websites
Assigning Domain Names
Tracking Specific Traffic
Establishing E-Commerce

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Network Architecture

$ 60 per hour
Writing Domain Zones
Installing Web Servers
Establishing International Presence
Domain Management and Name Servers
(Creating an Identity Online)

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